Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions and you can’t find an answer here, please go to our Google group, check if someone has the same problem or open a new topic. If your problem is really that big, please contact us at

What format should I use for my data?

Raw needs simple data formats. You can upload delimiter-separated values in plain-text form. You just have to copy and paste them from spreadsheets or text files and you’ll be ready to visualize it. Otherwise, you can directly drop the files in! See the sample data as an example of formats.
You can structure your dataset as you want, just keep in mind that Raw parses the first row as column headers. Each header must be unique (otherwise raw will consider only the first one), like:

Movie ; Genre ; Budget (M$) ; Rating IMDB
Avatar ; Action ; 425 ; 8.0
The Blind Side ; Drama ; 35 ; 7.6
The Dark Knight ; Action ; 185 ; 9.0

Use decimal point “.” as separator for decimal values.

What about json, xml or other formats?

You can use well-formed JSON format only if it represents an array of objects, like this:

    { key : value, anotherKey : anotherValue },
    { key : value, anotherKey : anotherValue },

If your JSON is not an array of objects or you have other data formats, like XML, we suggest to use Open Refine to export them in the right way.

Why can’t I find pie charts, histograms or line charts on Raw?

Well, we focus on those layouts you can not (easily) create with other tools. However, if you REALLY want pie charts, you can visit this link.

Raw says there is something wrong with my data…

There can be different reasons why your data are not valid. If you simply copy and paste them from your spreadsheet software you should have clean data. Most of the time, the problem is related to missing delimiters in some lines. If the error is related to a specific line, please check that line and see if everything is ok. If you have any trouble ask the Google group.

Which browsers are supported?

The Alpha version is mainly tested on Google Chrome. Raw works on Firefox and Safari with some minor issues. Works on Internet Explorer 10.
Raw will hit the beta with full support for latest version of major browsers.

Is there a limit in terms of data size?

Well, it depends mostly on your browser and your machine configuration, however, yes, if you are crashing the browser, it is too much data.

Does Raw store my data?

Nope. Raw is a web app but your data are not sent or stored anywhere. Feel safe to use confidential data because they will stay on your computer.

Can I edit the visualizations?

Yes, it’s really simple. You can export the visualization in vector format (SVG) and open it with any vector graphics editor (e.g. Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Inkscape, …).

Can I embed a visualization in my website?

Sure, Raw works with svg elements, so just copy and paste the code you find at the bottom of the app into any HTML page to embed it.

Can I add new layouts?

Yes, Raw is intended to be open and extensible so you can add your custom layouts or edit the ones already available. Documentation about how to do this will be available soon.

Hey, I found a bug, how can I report it?

Great! You found one! We’d love to know more about it. Open a new issue here on GitHub or create a new topic on our Google group or and we will solve it as soon as possible. Thanks!

Can I publish the visualizations I do with Raw?

Of course! You are completely free to share, publish and modify the visualizations produced with Raw. We would appreciate if you share with us your amazing works or researches done using Raw.

Should I credit Raw or you, guys?

Not really… But it would be really nice if you credit Raw and add a link to our website.